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Dark TEA

DARK TEA is a full-service film scoring and music production company owned by Los Angeles-based composer, Nathaniel Meeks. Nathaniel works closely with clients and artists to deliver custom tracks and scores for a variety of projects including films, TV programs, video games, podcasts, and live theatrical productions.





Hire me to score your next project

Mockup Service

Improve the realism of your MIDI score


Turn your music into beautiful parts and scores for print!

SYnth Production & Programming

Get customized bleeps and bloops!

Scoring Service

Hire me to score your next project! This full service includes the composition, orchestration, and mixing/mastering of all the original musical elements you may need. For those working with a non-picture-locked edit, I can provide rewrite and conforming services (within reason). ;)

Scoring Service

Mockup SeRvice

Improve the realism of your original music! With this service you'll receive:

-A hi-resolution, fully mastered mockup of your original work

-Hi-resolution stems for final mix (as many as you specify)

-All of the subsequently created MIDI data (for score prep)

Mockup Service


Transform your music into beautifully engraved parts and scores:

-Digital score transcription from handwritten manuscript or .PDF

-Part preparation from score

-Delivery of digital assets (Finale, Sibelius, or Dorico files and .PDFs)

-Printing and binding upon request

Score Prep

SYnth Production & Programming

Spice up your single with some synthesizers! I produce synth tracks for retro pop songs, hip hop tracks, classic rock anthems, etc.



I create custom synth patches for your personal use in production and scoring! This service is available if you use these plugins:

-Omnisphere 2.0 and up [Spectrasonics]

-Absynth [Native Instruments]

-FM8 [Native Instruments]

-Reaktor [Native Instruments]

Close Up of Synthesizer
Synth Stuff
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