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Learn to compose music for movies! I provide in-person lessons for students and music enthusiasts in Los Angeles. Here is what I cover:


Film Scoring
Advanced scoring techniques

Understanding film narrative

Synchronizing music to picture

Working with directors and producers

Production/Digital Music Workflow
DAW operation (Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, Ableton, etc.)
Mixing and signal flow
Digital production and soft synth design
Audio editing and cleanup
Basic recording


Music Theory
How to read/write music
Basic keyboard skills
Common-practice harmony and counterpoint
Orchestration and score-study

General Composition
Music for piano, chamber groups, and orchestra
Fully digital music
Hybrid scoring




1-Hour Lesson - $45

2-Hour Lesson - $75

3-Hour Lesson - $100


Same-day Cancellation - $15

(avoid this fee by cancelling the lesson at least 24 hours in advance)



You can email me at or use the form on our contact page.


Feel free to reach out with any questions!

You learn more about the company on the about page.

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